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Installation and Use of Explosion-Proof Motors

Installation and Use of Explosion-Proof Motors

Explosion-proof motor is a type of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive environments, without producing electric sparks during operation. The installation and use of explosion-proof motor is the most basic operation. Explosion-proof motor produces significant vibration during operation, and if it cannot be fixed, it will affect the operation. Its installation method is roughly the same as that of ordinary motors, but the operating environment and method are completely different depending on the different operating environments and methods.

The installation of explosion-proof motor

In general, there are two situations for the delivery of explosion-proof motors. One is that long-distance transportation uses wooden box packaging, and the other is simple packaging. For wooden box packaging, use a wrench to remove the nuts on the wooden box, and then lift the wooden box cover forcefully and remove the moisture-proof tape. The package includes the instruction manual, the certificate of conformity, and the packing list. Before installing the explosion-proof motor, check the following method:

1. The temperature group and explosion-proof level used by the explosion-proof motor meet the requirements of the use site.

2. The explosion-proof symbol on the connector box is marked with a raised pattern, which should correspond to the explosion-proof symbol.

3. All explosion-proof parts in the wooden box have no impact on the explosion-proof defects.

4. All fasteners on the explosion-proof motor are tightened, spring pads are not missing, and all components of the explosion-proof outer casing are properly connected.

5. Before installation, check whether the rolling bearings are in normal operation. If they are dirty, use gasoline to clean the bearings, and then add clean lubricating grease, which is about half of the net volume of the bearing chamber (2-pole motor), or 2/3 (4-pole and above motors). Lubricating grease is lithium grease No. 2 or other high-temperature lubricants, which can be applied according to the number of poles of the explosion-proof motor.

The use of explosion-proof motor

After all installations are completed, check whether the wires at the connection of the connector box are connected properly, and then connect the power supply for operation. In the use of explosion-proof motor, we need to pay attention to whether the motor's operating condition and noise are normal, and also pay attention to whether the temperature changes follow the standard adapted by the explosion-proof motor. If there is any abnormality, we should check it out to avoid unnecessary trouble. The explosion-proof motor needs to be checked after being used for a period of time to determine whether the parts are worn and whether the lubricating grease needs to be added or replaced.