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Electric Control And Power Supply

In addition to motors and frequency converters, CCS can also provide control systems and power supply products, such as remote control systems, power supply units, electrical operation boxes, etc. Choosing a good power supply unit for the whole equipment is very important, as every component relies on the PSU. When selecting your PSU, weigh the benefits against the price of the power supply unit, and try to make a good investment. In case of the failure of the main power supply, you also need a backup power supply as a substitute. A power supply unit with battery backup and a power supply unit with generator backup are two types of backup power based on power sources. Nowadays, more types of backup power supply units are getting more and more popular and are up for sale.

Types of Electrical Control and Power Supply Unit

  • The input voltage of the power supply unit is 10kV and output voltage is 3300V. And Main applications are fracturing truck in the oil and gas fields.
  • Remote Control System is used in mining industry and it was inbuilt with monitors of 21 inches.
  • The electric control box can realize the protection functions for the short-circuit, overload, phase loss, and overheating of the circuit and make the operation more intelligent. The electric control ...
  • This controller box works with the FLP VFD motor to control the start/stop,speed up/down and load balance,monitor the real-time operation,show operating data on the display and protect the VFD motor f...

Electrical Power Supply Unit and Control System Applications

The electrical power supply unit connects an electrical power source to a device using electrical energy. The electrical connection means are comprised of an electrically conducting liquid and an electrically conducting plunger. By dipping, the plunger can be in touch with the liquid for electrically connecting the liquid to the power source and the plunger to the device. The invention is suitable for electrically connecting an electrical source to the electrode of an oven for treating a charge such as a metal charge. As for electronic chemical discharge machining, it requires a DC power supply and 30 to 160 applied voltage. The main purpose is to design a low-cost programmable DC power supply unit for the electronics laboratory.

Introduction to Control Systems

A control system refers to a management system with its own goals and functions, which is composed of control subject, control object and control media. It means that it is possible to maintain and change in the desired manner any amount of interest or variation within a machine mechanism or other device.

FAQs of Electric Control And Power Supply


What is a power supply unit (SPU)?

It is electrical control equipment and is composed of several electrical components, which is used to control one or some objects, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the controlled equipment. The main functions of the electrical control system are automatic control, protection, monitoring and measurement.

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What are types of electrical control system?

1. Power supply circuit. 

2. Protection circuit. 

3. Signal loop. 

4. Automatic and manual circuits. 

5. Brake parking circuit. 

6. Self-locking and locking circuits. 

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