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Flame Proof Motor
  • Flame Proof Motor For Sale
  • Flame Proof Motor For Sale
  • Flame Proof Motor For Sale

CCS Motor Flame Proof Motor

YBUS series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor for roadheader is special for driving the cutting part of cantilever roadheader and other similar machinery in the coal mine. The motor has the characteristics of high efficiency, largely locked torque, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable operation, long service life, excellent performance, convenient installation etc..

Parameters of the Flame Proof Motor

Voltage Range


Current Range


Advantages of the Flame Proof Motor

YBBP series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is matched with a variable frequency drive. The product has the advantages of high insulation, high protection level, good speed regulation performance, high starting torque, energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long service life, good performance, low noise, advanced flameproof structure, high reliability, convenient use, and maintenance, etc.. 

Features of the Flame Proof Motor

  • Robust mechanical structure with long service life;

  • High insulation performance and protection level;

  • Low noise;

  • High starting torque;

  • Deployable in hazardous environment;

  • Energy-efficiency;

  • The output frequency of the frequency converter is constant torque at 5-50Hz and constant power at 50-60Hz;

  • The protection grade is IP55;

  • The temperature resistance grade is H;

  • The cooling mode is shell water cooling.

Applications of the Flame Proof Motor

Applications on coal mining machinery including:

  • AFC

  • Stage Loader

  • Crusher

  • Shearer

  • Headroader

  • Belt Conveyor

  • Emulsion Pump

  • Pump Station

  • TBMs

  • Shield Machine

  • Winches

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Flame Proof Motor
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