Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.
Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.

Electrical Transmission And Control Solutions Of CCS Electric For Mining

●Coal Plough 

●Scraper Conveyor  

●Elevating Conveyor 

●Belt Conveyor  

●Emulsion pumping station


The above products are mainly used for heavy-duty starting and speed adjustment of the emulsion pump station, permanent magnet ac synchronous motor, ventilator, water pump and hoist with a rated voltage of AC 10000V/AC3300V/AC1140V. It is also suitable for working conditions requiring variable frequency speed regulation. This series of products can improve the efficiency of equipment use, reduce the workload of maintaining the whole set of equipment and ensure production safety by reliable operation. With independent intellectual property rights, our products adopted advanced design concepts achieving the advanced level in terms of functionality and reliability.


As a power control equipment company, CCS is able to provide the overall system solution and electrical transmission equipment for underground longwall mining transportation, from driving of AFC's stage loaders, main gate and tailgate belt conveyors, monitoring of the coal plough operation, detecting of coal flow to automatic speed regulating of transportation.


Main Parameters and Features
◆ Rated voltage: 380Vac, 400Vac, 600Vac, 660VaC,690Vac, 1140Vac, 2300Vac, 3300Vac, 6000Vac, 6600Vac,10000Vac. 
◆ Rated power: 60HP-6700HP (45kW-5000kW). 
◆ Compact footprint, no special switching or dust-proof room required. 
◆ Class I and Class II Explosion-Proof compliant for specific use in underground mining environments. 
◆ With our VFD technology, it is suitable for long distance power transmission. 
◆ IP55 – IP56 protection standard compliant. 
◆ Adaptive to extreme temperatures: -40°C - +55°C. 
◆ Voltage fluctuation range: ±15%