Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.
Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.
Special Motor

We are focusing on tailor-made motors for our customers.


The special motor can be designed according to the working condition and customer’s demands, such as installation dimensions, space and environment, drive performance, power type, and ingress protection.


Our design covers a wide range of types: variable frequency motor,three-phase asynchronous motor,three-phase synchronous motor, two-speed motor, and so on.

  • We can supply high ingress protection motors for excavators, bucket wheel stackers, reclaimers at ports, and fracturing machinery for oil and gas.
  • YBUS series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor for roadheader is special for driving the cutting part of cantilever roadheader and other similar machinery in the coal mine. The motor has the ch...

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