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Special Motor

We are focusing on special purpose motors for our customers.


The special purpose motors can be designed according to the working condition and customer’s demands, such as installation dimensions, space and environment, drive performance, power type, and ingress protection.


Our design covers a wide range of types: variable frequency motor,three-phase asynchronous motor,three-phase synchronous motor, two-speed motor, and so on.

  • We can supply high ingress protection motors for excavators, bucket wheel stackers, reclaimers at ports, and fracturing machinery for oil and gas.
  • YBUS series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor for roadheader is special for driving the cutting part of cantilever roadheader and other similar machinery in the coal mine. The motor has the ch...

Types of  CCS Special Purpose Motors

CCS Electrical boasts a diverse array of special-purpose motors designed to meet specific industrial needs. The Variable Frequency Motor, a standout in this lineup, allows precise control over speed and torque by adjusting the input frequency. It serves as a cornerstone in applications demanding adaptability and efficiency. Three-phase Asynchronous Motors are workhorses in various industrial sectors, providing robust performance in a wide range of conditions. Their synchronous counterparts, the Three-phase Synchronous Motors, offer precise speed control crucial for applications requiring constant speeds.

Two-Speed Motors provide flexibility, allowing users to switch between two predetermined speeds based on operational requirements. High Ingress Motors, engineered for harsh environments, ingress motor resist the intrusion of solid particles and liquids, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions. Flame Proof Motor are indispensable in potentially explosive atmospheres, featuring enclosures that prevent the ignition of surrounding gases or vapors.

Each of these special-purpose motors in CCS Electrical represents a tailored solution, reflecting the commitment to efficiency, safety, and precision in diverse industrial applications.

The difference between special purpose motors and VFD compatible motor

Special-purpose motors and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) compatible motors cater to distinct requirements in the realm of electrical engineering, each offering unique features to address specific needs.

Special-purpose motors are meticulously designed to meet specialized industrial demands. They include motors such as High Ingress Motors, Flame Proof Motors, Two-Speed Motors, and others. These motors are engineered with specific characteristics, materials, or enclosures to thrive in challenging conditions, such as high temperatures, explosive atmospheres, or harsh environments. Special-purpose motors prioritize functionality tailored to specific applications.

On the other hand, VFD compatible motor is crafted to seamlessly integrate with Variable Frequency Drive systems. These motors are built to withstand the dynamic frequency changes that VFDs induce, allowing for precise control over motor speed and torque. VFD compatible motors typically have insulated bearings and are designed to handle the stresses associated with rapid acceleration and deceleration. This compatibility ensures optimal performance when paired with VFDs, offering industries the flexibility to regulate motor speed according to the specific requirements of their processes.

In essence, special-purpose motors emphasize tailored functionality for specific environments, while VFD compatible motors prioritize adaptability and precision in variable speed applications.

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