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Explosion Proof VFD
  • Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs) For Sale
  • Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs) For Sale
  • Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs) For Sale

CCS Motor Explosion Proof VFD 1140V 75kW / 660V 110kW

The explosion proof VFD is committed to intelligent control of mining.  Our explosion proof electric motor can improve the efficiency of the equipment, and reduce the maintenance of the complete set of equipment. The explosion proof electric motor operates reliably to ensure production safety. Our ATEX explosion proof VFS and IEC explosion proof VFD have advanced design concepts and independent intellectual property rights, and CSS Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives have reached the international advanced level in terms of functionality and reliability.

Explosion Proof Motor Specifications

Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Output Voltage


Output frequency


Power semiconductor

IGBT, Diode

Input side of VFD

Standard:6 pulse diode rectifier

Option:6 pulse IGBT rectifier



Option: 4-Q

Frequency Resolution


Overload capacity





IP54, water cooling.

Features of the Explosion Proof VFD 

  • The software system of explosion proof electrical equipment has built-in control programs such as a scraper, conveyor, and pumping station;

  • Direct torque control has high control precision, fast dynamic response speed, and output torque greater than 2.2 times rated torque, which is suitable for heavy load starting occasions.

  • Explosion proof VFD adopts CAN bus communication to realize master-slave control and power balance of multiple devices, and optical fiber communication is supported to realize data transmission and control;

  • ATEX explosion proof VFD uses Long-life thin-film capacitors;

  • This electrical transmission equipment has various protection functions such as overload, overvoltage, under-voltage, phase shortage, overheating, power imbalance, short circuit, etc.

  • Our ATEX explosion proof VFD is equipped with high quality explosion proof electrical panels, connectors, enclosures, junction boxes, outlets and other explosion proof electrical boxes and fittings.

Explosion Proof Electric Motor Classifications

The types of explosion-proof electric motors can be classified according to the following aspects: 

1. Principle of motor 

Explosion proof VFD motor can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, explosion-proof synchronous motor and explosion-proof DC motor. 

2. Place of use 

Explosion proof vfd multiple motors can be divided into explosion-proof motors used in coal mines and explosion-proof motors used in factories. 

3. Explosion-proof principle 

Explosion proof VFD motor can be divided into flameproof motor, increased safety motor, positive pressure motor, spark-free motor and dust explosion-proof motor. 

4. Matching mainframe 

Explosion proof VFD motor can be divided into explosion-proof motor for coal mine conveyor, explosion-proof motor for coal mine winch, explosion-proof motor for scraper, explosion-proof motor for local fan in coal mine, explosion-proof motor for fan, etc. In addition, Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs) can also be divided according to technical indicators such as rated voltage and efficiency, such as high-voltage explosion-proof motor and low-voltage explosion-proof motor. 

How to Choose an Electric Explosion Proof Motor?

Selection principle of explosion-proof electric motor 

1. Identify the nature and types of application places. 

2. For gas explosive places, zoning should be determined according to the degree of danger. 

3. Identify the temperature group of the application place. 

4. For flameproof, safety-increasing and positive pressure ventilation explosion-proof motors, the use places should be considered are class or class; Spark-free motor and dust explosion-proof motor can only be used in similar places. 

5. Identify the explosion-proof level of explosionproof variable frequency drives(VFDs)

6. If safety-increasing or positive pressure explosion-proof motors are selected, corresponding protection devices should be considered, otherwise the safety of explosion-proof cannot be guaranteed. 

Explosion Proof VFD Application

The frequency converter application is very extensive, and explosion proof DC motor also has its own unique uses.

The explosion proof VFD is mainly used for heavy load starting and full speed regulation of scraper conveyor, transfer machine, belt conveyor, coal mine TBM and other equipment with rated voltage of 3300v / AC1140v / AC660V, and explosionproof variable frequency drives(VFDs) can be used for the emulsion pump station, water pump, endless rope winch, permanent magnet synchronous motor (including electric drum), ventilator and other occasions requiring frequency conversion speed regulation.  

CCS Motor also manufactures solid state frequency converters with high quality and wide applications.

Explosion Proof VFD
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