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Electric Control Box
  • Electric Control Box For Sale
  • Electric Control Box For Sale
  • Electric Control Box For Sale

CCS Motor Electric Control Box

The electric control box can realize the protection functions for the short-circuit, overload, phase loss, and overheating of the circuit and make the operation more intelligent. The electric control box in CCS Electric is of high reliability, strong anti-interference capability and is free of maintenance.

Parameters of the Electric Control Cabinet

Voltage Range


Current Range


Circuit No

2-8 Circuits

Features of the Electric Control Box

  • Highly mature technology;

  • High reliability and anti-interference ability;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • Good system compatibility;

  • Deployable in hazardous environment with high vibration,high temperature and humidity and intense EMI.

Application of Custom Electrical Control Panels

Applications on the mining machinery and construction machinery for electrical control and protection against short-circuit, overload, phase-loss, over temperature.

Electric Control Box
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