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What are the benefits of using VFD inverter?

What are the benefits of using VFD inverter?

1. Understanding VFD inverters

Over the past few years, the cost of electricity has increased significantly. Researchers and manufacturers of electrical products have been struggling to find ways to minimize the use of electricity while maintaining the efficiency of electrical equipment. To provide efficient energy management for today's market, manufacturers are now turning to a technology called variable frequency drives. The vfd compatible motor variable frequency drives are used in a variety of equipment, from small appliances to the largest mine mill drives and compressors. Selecting the correct drive for a particular application and the most efficient configuration requires careful analysis and preparation.

2. Benefits of using VFD inverters

Reduced energy consumption: Energy efficiency plays the most important role in CO2 reduction, accounting for 53% of the total CO2 reduction. In motor applications, the use of VFD inverters can reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.

Connectivity: VFD inverters come with a built-in communication protocol or as an option for various networks. Your BAS can give the VFD inverter a signal to change its speed according to the needs of the system. In addition, the VFD inverter such as the vfd for synchronous motor is monitored for sensing conditions, status and any problems, and this information is then sent back to the central BAS. the VFD inverter display can be mounted on the drive or enclosure door to provide the operator with real-time information about the status of the system. Problems are addressed and logged for future reference.

Reduced maintenance costs: Using a VFD inverter reduces maintenance costs because the lower operating speeds extend the life of bearings and motors.

No more need for motor soft starters: VFD inverters act like step-down starters to limit inrush currents during motor startup. vfd inverters start smoothly and eliminate the high starting currents that cause network disturbances. Therefore, no additional soft starter is required.

High power factor: Power factor penalties can be a part of commercial and industrial electricity bills. vfd inverters have two types of power factors: total power factor and displacement power factor. Utilities measure displacement power factor, so VFD inverters can improve the power factor of a system without adding capacitors.

Easy installation: VFD inverters are easy to install. Because many units are shipped with unit-mounted VFD inverters, these VFD inverters are pre-programmed and wired at the factory. Motor leads, control power for auxiliary equipment, and communication lines are all wired at the factory. The installing contractor simply connects line power to the VFD inverter.

Explosion proof: The explosion proof vfd is dedicated to the intelligent control of mining, at the same time, it can improve the efficiency of equipment and reduce the maintenance of the whole set of equipment.

Overspeed capability: The VFD inverter's overspeed capability can save considerable operating and investment costs. For example, the airflow through an existing fan can be increased by retrofitting the VFD inverter to the fan motor, which will allow operation at higher frequencies than the existing rating.