Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.
Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation.
Forge Ahead and Embark on a New Journey: Key Words for Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation in 2022

Forge Ahead and Embark on a New Journey: Key Words for Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation in 2022

As we stand at the boundary of the old and new year, looking back on the past year, we thank you! In 2023, ccs motor will continue to forge ahead and live up to expectations!

Keyword 1: Technology Accumulation, Continuous Breakthroughs

Rooted in the industry, we strive for excellence. Continuously assisting the industry in technological breakthroughs, CCS has always been committed to becoming the world's best provider of frequency conversion integrated machines and power control equipments!

图片 1.pngAssisted in the smooth penetration of China's first 450-meter-high intelligent ultra-long fully mechanized mining face

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Empowering green and intelligent ports, assisting in the launch of China's first fully-processed frequency conversion belt conveyor

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The world's first 1600kW scraper permanent magnet integrated machine with the world's largest power of 3000kW and a 500-meter integrated machine! Assisted in the delivery and use of the complete set of equipment for China's first super-long intelligent scraper conveyor in coal mines

Keyword 2: Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Factory

CCS is committed to becoming a leader in the industry's digitalization process. Actively carrying out digital transformation, CCS has outstanding capabilities in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management.

In 2022, CCS's Smart Factory Phase II project started construction, introducing intelligent production lines, intelligent manufacturing control systems, intelligent warehouses, etc., realizing an intelligent "dark factory" from production, assembly to logistics and storage, which will significantly improve the level of production automation, enhance product reliability, and increase production efficiency and capacity. The company's "Frequency Conversion Integrated Machine Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory" was named the 2021 Shandong Province Intelligent Factory Unit by the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in 2021 and was listed as a 2021 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory Unit by the Equipment Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022. The company's "CCS Frequency Conversion Integrated Machine Intelligent Factory Based on 5G+ Edge Computing" was named the 2021 Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Unit by the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022.

Keyword 3: Gratitude, Common Growth

Flying in formation with wild geese, we see the vast sky wherever we go. We are partners who fight side by side and grow together, as well as friends who journey together to the stars and the sea.

Keyword 4: Honor and Aspiration

Learn widely and select the best, accumulate extensively and apply sparingly. Behind many national-level awards is CCS's long-term commitment to technological innovation and years 

CCS was established in 2011 and was responsible for drafting the standard for variable frequency integrated machines. It is the pioneer and leader in the field of variable frequency integrated machines in China. It is also one of the first "Little Giant" enterprises supported by the state and has been listed in the Global Unicorn 500 for three consecutive years. In 2021, it was selected as a smart manufacturing pilot demonstration factory by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and recognized as an intelligent factory in Shandong Province.

National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in 2022

  • One of the top 10 innovative private enterprises in Qingdao in 2022

  • Postdoctoral research workstation

  • Green factory in Qingdao in 2022

  • May Day Labor Award Certificate in Shandong Province

  • Academician workstation in Shandong Province

  • 2022 Shandong Province High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise

  • One of the top 10 high-quality development incentive enterprises in Shandong Province

  • "One enterprise, one technology" R&D center in Shandong Province

  • One of the top 100 innovative

  • Catalogue of New Technologies, Products, and Equipment in the Energy Sector of Shandong Province (2022)

  • Shandong Province: Benchmark for "5G+ Industrial Internet" Application

  • 2022 Leading Science and Technology Enterprises in Shandong Province

  • Champion Product in Manufacturing Industry by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2021 Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Factory (5G Fully Connected Factory Pilot Demonstration)

Forge Ahead with Determination in 2023, Embarking on a New Journey