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Daily Inspection, Maintenance and Regular Inspection of Explosion-proof Motors

Daily Inspection, Maintenance and Regular Inspection of Explosion-proof Motors

Ⅰ. The importance of daily maintenance of the explosion proof motor

The explosion-proof motor shall be inspected by the explosion-proof inspection unit during trial production and finalization. The drawings and documents of the explosion-proof motors are subject to explosion-proof examination, and the prototypes can be produced and sold only after they have undergone explosion-proof tests, and obtained explosion-proof certificates and production licenses. Explosion-proof motors produced by explosion-proof motor manufacturers are allowed to leave the factory only after they have passed the prescribed factory inspection and type test. Therefore, generally speaking, the explosion-proof safety performance of explosion-proof motors meets the requirements of the standard. However, explosion-proof motors will be damaged to varying degrees due to mechanical and chemical effects during use. If the flameproof enclosure is impacted and cracked or deformed during operation, the bearing will be worn or damaged due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the malfunctioning motor should be repaired.

Ⅱ. Daily inspection, maintenance and regular inspection of the explosion proof motor

Daily inspection and maintenance of explosion-proof motors:

1. Observe the operating conditions of the explosion proof electric motor and transmission, pay attention to whether there are abnormal noises and vibrations, and clear the abnormal conditions in time.

2. Check the lubrication status and pay attention to whether the explosion-proof motor bearings are operating normally.

3. Keep it clean, remove dust and debris, do not cover things on the explosion-proof motor, ensure that the heat dissipation surface and ventilation air path are unblocked, and do not allow water droplets, dirt, etc. to fall into the explosion-proof motor.

4. Pay attention to whether the surrounding environment is humid, whether it has an impact on the explosion-proof motor.

Periodic inspection work items for explosion-proof motors:

1. Check whether the screws are loose or fall off.

2. Check whether the switch, protection device, and circuit are intact, and whether the cable circuit is damaged.

3. Check whether the sliding of the brush is intact, whether the pressure is normal, and whether the brush should be replaced if it is worn out.

4. Check whether the insulation resistance of the explosion-proof motor is qualified.

5. Check whether the capacitor and its wiring are abnormal.

6. Check whether the grounding device is intact.

Ⅲ. Annual specific inspection of the explosion proof motor

1. Repair and replace lubricating grease and replace defective bearings after wear.

2. Check whether the switch and protection device are loose, and check whether the parameters meet the requirements. What's more, check whether the motor control system is normal.

3. When the insulation resistance of the explosion-proof motor is found to be low, it should be dried.

4. Check and sort out the operating environment of the VFD frequency converter, and remove dust and debris.

5. Check the condition of rust and corrosion, and carry out anti-rust treatment.

6. When the transmission is worn out, replace defective parts.

7. Check whether the electrical connection is loose or defective, and test the insulation resistance of the motor and cable.

8. During the above work, all the explosion-proof surfaces that are dismantled should be cleaned, derusted, coated with anti-rust oil, and the integrity of the explosion-proof surfaces should be checked.